HI5 Program

                                                  What is IN?

imageedit_1_9070222076Any water, juice, soda, tea, coffee, beer, malt beverages, mixed spirits (<15% alcohol), some mixed wine (<7% alcohol) alcohol free wines, drink mixers, and sports drinks.

In a glass, plastic (#1 or #2), aluminum, or bi-metal container

Must be under 68 oz and be labeled HI5, HAWAII 5¢ or Hawaii 5¢

                                  imageedit_1_6123540930                                                             imageedit_1_6120496679


                               For each container you redeem you get 5 cents back


When you go to a redemption center you can either have the employees count each container (up to 200 containers) or have them weigh each type of material.

If you have them count you will get 5 cents for each container you bring.

Click here to do some fun math with HI5

If you have them weigh your material they will use Hawaii’s Segregated Rate to calculate how much money you will get back. Find out more about the segregated rate by visiting our HI5 by weight page.



Click to see where the redemption centers on Kauai are