Leadership Page for Students and Teachers

This page is designed for both teachers and students. Found below are instructions, thoughtful questions, and discussion topics that are related to the Games and Activities that are available for download on this site. If you are a student, see how many questions you can answer. You can browse by topic to find the questions you are looking for.

Most of the thought questions and debate topics are designed to inspire brain storming, creative problem solving, and working together in groups. There are really no right or wrong answers. Teachers or student leaders should serve as moderators for this process to help guide students to get the most out of the activities. In some cases, a more specific answer may be required or a few suggestions may be needed to get the ball rolling. The downloadable Answer Key here includes some of these answers, but these are not meant to be comprehensive, rather they are a place to start.

Landfill Activity


Download the activity here

Landfill Activity Thought Questions
1. Would you like a landfill in your back yard?
2. How do you think we can reduce the amount of garbage that ends up in a landfill?
3. Do you know why the bulldozer covers the trash with soil called daily cover?
4. Can you describe with words the odor of a landfill?

Activity to accompany the Landfill Coloring Sheet
How many diapers can you find? ________Color all diapers pink.
How many slippers can you find?_________ Color all slippers purple.
How many bottles can you find? _________Color all bottles blue.
How many rubber duckies can you find? ________Color all duckies yellow.
How much food can you find? _________Color the food green.
How many tires can you find? _________Color the tires red.

Marine Debris

Marine Debris Thought Questions:
1. Can you think of a way to reduce the amount of trash that makes its way to the ocean?
2. How will we dispose of the island of trash that is already floating around out there?

Recycling Facts and Statistics

Thought Questions to accompany Fun Recycling Facts and Statistics
1. After reading the FUN RECYCLING FACTS AND STATISTICS, how do you think we could improve these statistics?
2. Kauaʻi has a finite amount of land, yet every week the barge brings in a large number of new containers and cars. Where will all of this stuff go?
3. Why is it important that waste gets disposed in the proper location?
4. There are some items that should never be thrown away. Can you name three of these items and give a brief explanation of why they should not end up in the landfill?


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Da Tree R Challenge

Da Tree R Challenge Questions for your class

Come up with three ways to reduce your use of:
(Answers may be written or discussed in class.)

1. Food
2. Clothing
3. Plastic water bottles
4. Jars (jelly, ketchup, mayo, etc.)

How many ways can you think of to reuse or re-purpose these same items?

How and where would you recycle each item?

Debate and Discussion

Suggestions for Classroom Debate and Discussion Topics
Arrange to have a debate or discussion in your class about one of the following topics. Choose a topic from the list below and do some research before you debate or discuss it as a class.

1. Which is a better for the environment? Using paper towels or the electric hand blower to dry hands? Or do you have a better solution?

Island Living
2. Kauaʻi imports about 90% of its food (and associated packaging). Discuss how using our own resources for residents and visitors instead exporting our crops, fish, and other products could be more beneficial to Kauaʻi’s environment and residents.

3. Kauaʻi has a finite amount of land. Each week, the barge brings in new containers full of supplies, equipment, food, cars, etc. Where are all of these things going to end up? Can you come up with a plan to equalize the accumulation of “stuff” on Kauaʻi?

Waste Diversion and Money Savings
Did you know that diverting waste can save you big bucks, and can even make you money? Diverting waste means more than just SAVING money! It also SAVES the environment, the reef, and all the species that depend on these resources. Remember, diverting waste is more than just dropping off your cans and bottles at the HI5 redemption center.

4. How can schools, businesses, and government offices on Kauaʻi save money and energy by recycling and reusing vs. buying new supplies and equipment?

5. How can you SAVE money by reducing, reusing, and recycling?

6. How can you MAKE money reducing, reusing, and recycling?

7. What do you really think goes on after you drop off your bottles, cans, and newspapers? Where do they go? How do they actually get recycled?

Beach Cleanup

6:3 reef copy    hanalei crew copy

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Take the Pledge

Have your students take the pledge


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